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Beautiful Places for Lovers!

Welcome to Beautiful Places, the travel blog for lovers.  We are always open to and available for partnerships, collaborations and sponsorships.

Key features of the Blog

In our travel blog for newly in love couples, those still very much in love or the forever in love couples, magical and extremely romantic hotels and destinations are paramount. We give inspiration and tips for dreamlike honeymoons, short romantic getaways for two, or even one’s own dream wedding on the beach. In 2012, we even got married on the beach of La Digue in the Seychelles.

  • Honeymoon Destinations
  • Weddings Abroad
  • Luxury Travel
  • Adventure Travel / Safaris
  • Sustainable travel
  • Conservation and Wildlife Protection

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Collaboration Opportunities

Press / Travel Blogger Trips
We are happy to travel to extraordinary and romantic hotels and destinations and then report on it. Reference (“real time” marketing) is given on our various social media channels (TwitterFacebookGoogle+InstagramPinterest) and is followed by detailed reporting with many pictures and one or more video and / or video interviews on our blog.

eMag “Honeymoon & Wedding Guide”
We are happy to include extraordinary and suitable hotels in our guide with the best honeymoon destinations and the most beautiful places for weddings abroad. (until now only in german)

Hotel + Travel Photography
On each trip we create quality pictures and videos for our articles. Of course, these images can also be purchased for your own marketing purposes. For social projects or for hotels that are committed to social projects, we do provide our images free of charge by arrangement. We will also gladly take photos of the hotel and / or its surroundings on your behalf.

Product Testing
We test your product (travel equipment, accommodation, activities, car rental, airlines etc.) and write about it.

In a travel-related brand we would like to talk to you about a (longer-term) partnership.

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We act according to the principles of The Blogging and Travel Blogger Code.  Therefore, it is self-evident that any contributions will be disclosed.



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